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Sam Smith

Real Estate Investor

Sam is a preacher’s kid (PK), ‘born and raised on the pew’, and a church musician.  Publicly, he did well in school, graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.A. degree in Communication, and a graduate degree in Special Education from the Johns Hopkins School of Education. Privately, Sam struggled to reconcile faith and finance, believing for a long time that he had to choose one or the other.
He did well in the workplace with 15 years of Customer Service experience honed through serving on and leading multiple technical support teams, and culminating into serving as Project Manager for a multi-million dollar government services contract with the National Institutes of Health. 
Still, Samuel realized that his education wasn’t complete, because he was missing financial education.  He felt deep down that there was more to life than trading time for money. Understanding that 90% of the world’s wealthy invest in real estate, he plunged into the books and teachings of Robert Kiyosaki. Yet he still came up empty, not because of the information, but because he still did not know how or what it meant to partner with God in business, compartmentalizing and regulating God to what Sam felt were the more spiritual aspects of his life.
God allowed Sam to meet and work with a Christian entrepreneur and business coach who helped him to see the real truth of God’s word on money, stewardship, and glorifying God in business. Sam finally realized that God was interested in every area of our lives! He realigned and readjusted his thinking, and is now on fire to help others receive abundant life in all areas, including finance! Scripture says that if we submit our ways to God, He will make Straight our Paths! (Proverbs 3:6). It is in this concept that Straight Path REI was founded.  
Now, Samuel’s passion and mission is to help all people become financially free through the business of real estate investing. Sam believes helping people get money out of the way will allow them to be free to help others, and to focus on a higher life purpose. 

What is Straight Path REI?

Straight Path REI is a community of entrepreneurs using business ownership and the investment vehicle of real estate as a means to increase immediate income while also building secure, long-term wealth. We believe that we are called to establish and lead business organizations that are designed to produce good works. Being guided by integrity and faith based core values, and powered by a comprehensive education platform that provides practical business and real estate investing training, we are passionate about making a life-changing impact in our families and communities we are called to serve.

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